Monday, October 4, 2010

Endless Blessings- October 4th edition

The seasons are changing here and I am still finding reason to enumerate blessings.  When I choose to look I find myself surrounded by demonstrations of God's love and care for me.  That is why I purposefully list and document blessing after blessing in my (very ordinary) life.  And most amazing, I find that my life is not ordinary after all~ I am extraordinarily blessed.  So blessed.

Note: the following list was written over several weeks time... funny to look back on all of my listings of weather-related items.  I do love fall! 

231. a camera... for the birds, and birds for the camera.
232. projects to tackle.
233. a quiet house~ children biking/running with Tom.
234. a computer that works~ love my new iMac!
235. cool weather and low humidity

236. a noisy house~ laughing, questions, and yes, even bickering~ the noise of "life" here.
237. autumn candle burning.
238. piano music echoing.
239. a last warm day.
240. Anticipating cooler refreshing weather.
241. a home.
242. fabric to sew.
243. Nate's visit home.
244. beautiful cooler day!
245. hysterical laughter over photobooth on my iMac.

246. Chilly autumn mornings.
247. warm blankets to snuggle under.
248. sleep at night with few interruptions~ a new season for me
249. a newly pieced quilt top to quilt.

250. for lessons learned, tears and maturing- growing up is hard work!

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  1. I *love* seeing into your written journal Susan! It is beautiful!! AND the list...ahh...the it that you are "back in the saddle" with it. I miss you when you are gone from the "community".

    236. a noisy house~ laughing, questions, and yes, even bickering~ the noise of "life" here...I wrote something similar on my list this week too...although I have only four...I know it will be a sad day when it is quiet for good. :(

    Have a lovely week!

  2. I too enjoyed seeing your journal. Thanks for sharing your heart. I truly loved seeing the quilt top thrown over the fence.
    Precious reminders of God's goodness.
    Joining you at Ann's.
    IN HIM,

  3. Your journal is beeee--uuuuu--tiful!! I was just looking at mine the other day. The one I made because of you and I was so glad I decided to do it because it's the last group of pictures in my book before John left.

    Loved all your oranges and browns on the blog~


  4. Great list! Love that quilt and the faces too!


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