Friday, October 15, 2010

Easiest Denim Quilt Instructions- part 1

I love to make things for my children!  I especially like to make gifts that are practical, easy, inexpensive and not too time-consuming.  These denim quilts fit the bill exactly for me.

Quite a few years ago now, our church had a "Titus 2 ministry" which matched up an "older woman" with a "younger woman" so the older woman could mentor the younger one.  I was so happy to be matched up with Katherine that year.  In addition to encouraging me in my walk with the Lord, she also happily shared practical skills with me.

One of the projects that she shared with me that year was this denim quilt pattern.  As I shared last week, we have made a number of these quilts for our boys~ they are such warm covers.  Our boys love using them and proudly share that the girls and I made the quilts just for them.

Just in time for the weekend, I thought I'd share with you how to get started on this project.

First off, you will need a number of old jeans~ ideally in both light, medium and dark shades.  Of course, the larger the jeans are, the fewer you will need.  You can estimate that you will need 6-10 pair jeans for each twin sized quilt.

The largest squares that you will be cutting for the quilt are 6 1/4", so you will need some pieces that you can cut to 6 1/4"x 6 1/4".  Don't despair if most of your jeans are little.  You will also need some rectangular pieces that are 3" x 10 1/2" long, so even smaller jeans can be used.

Your first order of business will be to cut apart the jeans.  Here is our first victim.
In order to best utilize the pieces, you will want to cut the largest pieces of denim from each pair of jeans that you can. To do that, I cut off the bulky seams, both along the bottom and up the sides of each leg.  It does take a little longer to do this, but when you actually cut the denim into the quilt pieces it will be much easier if you don't have the bulky seams in the way.
 This project will not use the pockets so I usually cut as close to them as I can.  This is what the jeans will look like once you are done cutting the usable fabric off of them.
 And here are the four pieces of fabric from those jeans that I will use for quilt pieces!

Here is a preview of the quilt blocks that you will be making.  (I plan to post the rest of the instructions next week)
Your instructions for this weekend are to cut apart your jeans and sort the denim into piles of light, medium and dark denim.  Then you will be ready to go next week when I post the rest of the quilt directions.

Update:  You can find part 2 of the instructions to make this denim quilt here.  Enjoy!

If you have any questions at all, feel free to email or comment below and I'll clarify my instructions.

Have fun cutting!


  1. Good timing - I just started a denim quilt for our Pearl's upcoming birthday. I'm looking forward to more!

  2. How FUN! I will save these posts for the future...maybe Emma and I will do this together. What a great way to use up old jeans! :) I am so sad that a few pairs have met the trash not too long ago...if I had only known! :(

    Have a lovely weekend Susan!


  3. Oh that looks so fun. Maybe I can save up jeans this next year and try again next fall.

    Hope Tom does well tomorrow at his half marathon. I know you'll take wonderful pictures :-)


  4. Hello Susan, great idea. A couple of years ago I made a huge denim rag quilt for Brian and I, for our date nights. It was so fun. I shouldn't say "I" made it because it became a family project. Brian cut the squares for me (he is very detailed) others helped to sew when I was tired of sewing. Still others snipped strings. It ended up being a wonderful project. It was denim on one side and different color flannel on the other, very heavy and warm!

  5. hi looking for the tutorial denim quilt blocks great idea can't wait too try it instead of throwing them out thanks renee

  6. Susan,

    Thanks for all your mentoring and encouraging! This looks like something I would like to try for Christmas. I think I will start with a toddler size first! Sounds like you are doing well!


  7. Hi Susan. I'm wanting to make a jean quilt for when we go camping and am trying to find the rest of the tutorial for this fun quilt. But I can't seem to find the rest of the project. Help would be much appreciated. Thank you

    1. Whitney, here's the link to part 2 of the instructions to make the denim quilt.

      Thanks for letting me know that the link is missing. I'll add it to the post now. Have a nice camping trip!



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