Friday, October 22, 2010

I can't be held responsible....

for anything I write here while on pain medication....

Dear Mr. Fly,

Why do you insist on landing on my new iMac and leaving little "gifts" for me there?
Don't worry, I'm still a good shot with the 'ol fly swatter, even on crutches!

Now I just need a little window cleaner for my 'puter and everything will be fine.... just fine....

I am doing fine here... just "redirecting my energies," as Susan so aptly put in in the comments on a recent post.  Yes, I like that... I'm not lazy, just "redirecting my energy."  : )  Seriously. 


  1. LOL Susan! You are one funny girl. :) Hope you solve your "Mr. Fly" problem soon.

    With Love,

  2. Must be some pretty strong meds! LOL j/k Hope you are getting better w/ each day.


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