Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Tom and I were getting ready to leave on a little "date night" recently.  "Can I go with you?" one of the younger children questioned plaintively.  "Please?"

10-year-old Joshua replied authoritatively, "Oh!  You don't want to go with mom and dad because they kiss at every stoplight!"  This new revelation caused every child to turn to Tom and I with questioning eyes.  "Is that true Mom?"

Tom and I grinned at each other.... "Absolutely!  Every stoplight.  Every. Single. One."

If you'll excuse me, joyfuldadofmany and I are headed out on a little "date".  We have some smooching to do!

ps~Thanks for your encouraging comments and thoughtful prayers~ I appreciate it!


  1. hehehe, that is so incredibly cute! ;) I love it! My husband and I are like that too! :)

    I had a bit of a tough day today too...praying tomorrow is better ~ for us both! :)

  2. Funny! I hope ya'll had a nice night out! I know what you mean about your post yesterday. I could have written it exactly. Maybe it's every woman's battle? I don't know...I've been so reminded of my inconsistencies lately. Thankfully, I've been also reading the Psalms as well. Whew.
    God is good. We can get up again because his mercies are New, New, New!

  3. hahahaha, that's hilarious, I'll have to remember that one as my children are getting to the age they'd appreciate it :D

  4. I am laughing, laughing, laughing. That is SO awesome! I recall my own parents smooching at a stop light while we (my sisters and I) were in the car. I LOVED seeing them kiss - it made me feel so secure. I know your "smooching at ever stop light" dates assure your children in a precious place in their hearts of your love for one another! And that is a wonderful gift!


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