Saturday, October 23, 2010

Where it all began

This is where it all began... The Little House in the Big Woods.
One of my fondest childhood memories is of the evenings that my parents spent reading books aloud to my brother and I.  I'm sure that many books were opened during those family times but the most influential for me would have been the "Little House" series written by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Certainly I have read books that have influenced me spiritually in greater ways, but no book series has played a bigger role in encouraging me to live in a pioneering, adventurous, family-centered, creative way.  

Poor Joyfuldadofmany, I don't think when he married me that he had any idea that I was determined to live out my childhood pioneer fantasy, even if we were required to live within the city limits by his job as a policeman.
Last night I realized that I had not read the "Little House" series to our youngest six boys.  I think that I had mistakenly thought that they might not be interested.  I was so wrong.

Let me tell you; there isn't an activity much sweeter than snuggling on the couch with a brevy of boys to read.  "Please Mother, just one more chapter, please?"

What books influenced you from your childhood?  I'd love to hear from you....


  1. Oh Susan I *love* this post!! DEFINITELY "Little House" books are at the TOP of my list! One year for Christmas *ALL* I asked for was the complete boxed set of these books. What EXCITEMENT when they were given! I still have that same set and now am reading to my children. (Even our 15 year old near-man is sitting in...shhhh, don't tell!)

    Have a wonderful LORD's Day!

  2. Little house books were a big influence for me too - but I read them to myself.
    I think the book I remember my Mother reading to me the most was "Treasures Of The Snow" by Patricia St John.
    She read it to me when I was about 9 and recovering from kidney surgery. I was hospital bound for about three weeks and she would drive into town every day - about 40 miles - to sit with me for a few hours and read and play with me.

  3. We have just completed the "LIttle House" series as a family and it has been WONDERFUL!!! I remember loving "The Giving Tree" and "The Magic Bicycle" - I'll have to find a copy of that one and re-read it!

  4. Oh, definately one of the most influencial series of books in my life!! I have worn out several books I've read them so often!! I also don't think my hubby knew what a country girl at heart I was when he married me - and now he is doomed to build chicken coops and haul dirt and repair rototillers! Not that he complains - he just never imagined this life!! :0)!!

  5. ~Camille, Yes! What a fabulous gift! My Little House books were hardback and were given to me one at a time~ such a treasure, indeed!

    ~Jennstar, I agree~ "Treasures of the Snow" is a really good one. I haven't read that one aloud in a while. I'll have to add it to our read aloud list.

    ~Wanting What I Have, Love "The Giving Tree," haven't read "The Magic Bicycle" yet. I'll have to find that one at our library. Thanks!

    ~momoftots, me too! Tom loves what we are doing, he just never would have pursued it on his own! We aren't bored though! LOL!


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