Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I'm still here!

Checking in here.... hope everybody is doing well!  The quiet from this end just signifies "busy", nothing more.  My hip is healing quite well and now that I am two weeks out from my surgery, I think I am glad that I did it.  I wasn't so sure for the first week and a half! 
We're hard at work with school and other autumn activities.  Tom and the boys are all running almost every day.  The cooler autumn weather has been fabulous! 
I'm still moving a little slower than usual, (and am totally fine with that)... still taking a nap many afternoons, sleeping a little later than usual, etc.  I tend to drive myself way too hard, so that is a good change for me.  Doesn't that sound mature of me?  I thought you'd be impressed!
I am riding my bike a little bit (hooked up to a trainer in the house) each day.  In a few weeks I should be back riding outside.  I probably won't be given the ok to actually run until the end of December, but I'm fine with that.  God's timing in good, yes?
In other news around here, our autumn batch of Cornish Cross chickens are getting bigger each day.  We should be moving them to their new freezer home later this month.  Hopefully the warmish (for November!) and dry weather will hold for a few more weeks.
I've added a new widget to the sidebar of my blog with books currently "on my nightstand."  If you read my blog in a reader, you might want to go directly to my blog and see some recommendations.  I know that I always like to find new good books to read, so I hope this will be helpful for some of you. 
About six months ago I started ordering organic produce with a local group from Azure Standard.  You might check if they deliver to your area~ such deliciousness!  This month, among other things I was able to get two boxes of organic Honey Crisp apples.  Wowza!  I have become seriously addicted to those apples.

Hope you are enjoying autumn there in your "neck of the woods!"


  1. HI Susan...

    I'm glad that you are starting to feel better!!!Fall is definitely still here..and the last three days we've had some unusually warm weather...especially for November. So it's kind of random...but I think the cooler temperatures and rain will come back at the end of this week!!!

    Oh, that "Azure" link looks really interesting. I think their are organizations here in my area that delivery organic produce, too. I know there are a few CSA's in the area. I've thought about trying one out sometime...

    It'll be a nice winter this year and I'm looking forward to it...although I'll enjoy these remaining few sunny days, too!!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  2. SO good to *see* you back here Susan! I sure enjoyed your update and photos of *life* around your home. SUCH gorgeous photos of the kids and the Autumn leaves and trees. I *love* the seasons...don't you? I am "jealous" (actually happy for you) of your chicken wonderful!! Such good news about your hip and your biking...and yes, take it slow on the will all pay off. :)

    Sending you (((hugs))) from Canada!


  3. Well I for one have missed you tremendously. I will be praying for your continued healing on your hip :-9 ouch-ie!

    I had the hardest time trying to find out if Azure Standard delivered anywhere near my area. Not sure why but after 5 emails back and forth and no clear answer, I gave up.

    Glad you are healing and taking it easy. God is sooo good to allow us Mama's to rest when we need it :-)

    many hugs~ Cinnamon

  4. Glad you are feeling better! Hooray for healing!!!

    We have a group that orders from Azure Standard and we really like them! There are still a few things we prefer from Country Life Natural Foods but we really, really like Azure Standard! I love the ablity to have a favorites list on their website so I can click to it for things that I buy frequently. Good to know about their apples!! I still have three weeks before it's time to place my order with them for the next delivery. Will see what they have then. :)

  5. Susan, dear friend and mentor,

    My family is terribly ignorant about butchering chickens. We have several of our own that should have moved to their freezer home a few months ago. If you need extra hands, could we come up for a visit and help? I would love to see you! I have learned so much from reading your updates. God has blessed me with your friendship!

    Missing you in Central MO,

  6. By the way, this is Jessica Claxton. :)

  7. Dear Susan,
    Was just looking around & stopped by to say hello! :)
    Think about you & been praying all is are you doing & how is the hip?
    Miss your newsy up-dates...(hint)
    whats up at your place & how are you all doing?
    Whats up in the sewing room?

  8. Hello...
    How are things going? Want to make sure all is "well"? Everyone is missings "YOU"!
    ~Lori for all

  9. I pray you are healing ok!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Peace and Love,


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