Monday, November 29, 2010

Project Life 11/12-11/25

I've taken a little time the last few days to work on my Project Life album. I haven't posted my PL photos lately, partially due to being busy here, but also because I feared that I might be boring everyone. The downside? While I did get my photos printed and placed in the album, I don't have my journaling cards done. at. all. : (

Fortunately I do have the posts that I did here during the first half of the year to look back on. Moral of the story, (for me) even if it is not "perfect," I must take the time to write down my thoughts because they are, it seems, very fleeting.

That being said, even without the journaling cards in the album yet, I love this album! The super-cool thing about it for me is that the photos are chosen, and actually printed. It is amazing for me to look back on our year this way. Amazing.  So, so much better than having tons of photos languishing on my computer. 

Will I do Project Life again next year? Most definitely... apart from the rapture, or something like that. : )

Speaking of which, did you know that there is actually a service (run by athiests, I'm guessing) who will promise to take care of your pets when the rapture happens! Of course you must begin to pay the monthly fee to them now..... but I digress.

::Friday 11/12/2010
For the first time in more than two weeks, we had rain!  It was so dry that the rainy dreary autumn day was quite cozy and welcome.
::Saturday 11/13/2010
I had wanted to experiment with making gluten-free donuts for some time.  Today was the day!  I am not a huge fan of fried things, but I must admit, these were quite good.  It can be a difficult thing to get GF bread-type things to stay together, but these worked!  Yay!  I'll try to post a recipe later this week.
::Sunday 11/14/2010
The barn that we can see across the street.  It is almost abandoned, but I think it is pretty... plus we get a better view of it in the autumn.

::Monday 11/15/2010
We have new babies!  One of our Nubian dairy goats freshened this evening~ triplets!  Honestly, there aren't many baby animals cuter than these~ *love* the long, long ears!

::Tuesday 11/16/2010
Our oldest son Nate is serving in the US Army.  He is a chaplain's assistant stationed in Ft. Benning, GA.  We all *love* Skype time with Nate!  Unfortunately,  Nate can't come home this Thanksgiving, so we have to enjoy our time visiting this way for now.
::Wednesday 11/17/2010
Woodburning stove weather~ finally!  Tom and I seriously considered replacing our very old Hearthstone wood stove this fall, but decided to only replace parts and keep it going for another year.  The new ones are *so* pretty, but cheaper is way better and it does keep us quite warm and cozy.
::Thursday 11/18/2010
Took a few photos of the little buckling that was born on Monday so we could list him on Craig's List.  We already have a nice buck and since one buck is plenty (trust me!), we went ahead and sold him so we could have the milk for our family.

::Friday 11/19/2010
One of our very favorite things to do if it is at all nice is to go take a walk or run on the trail at a local lake.  We all went there today~ I *love* being outside and walking with the children!  This smile is so "Abbie!"  (She wanted me to be sure to tell you that her hair doesn't usually look quite that messy!  I think her hair is beautiful~ I'd love to have half as much hair as she does!)
::Saturday 11/20/2010
A full moon.  I googled "how to photograph the moon" and tried several different settings on my camera and used a tripod.  I actually got a clearer photo showing more detail of the moon, but I liked this one best in the end.

::Sunday 11/21/2010
Tom and Jake raced!  It was Tom's first full marathon and Jake's first half-marathon.  The weather was warm (nice for us as spectators!) and the guys did fabulous!  I was so proud!  ( I know, wrong date on the photo... gotta' change that)
::Monday 11/22/2010
Yet another warm day finds us taking a walk at the lake.  I simply had to capture Timmy's curls.  It was almost tropically warm when we began walking, but as we walked a cold front came through.  It was really exciting to feel the wind shift and cold dry air rush in~ thankfully we stayed dry, just got a little cold before we made it back to the car.
::Tuesday 11/23/2010
Today, I had perhaps the biggest surprise of my life!  Nate came home for Thanksgiving!  Only our oldest married daughter Micah knew that he was coming.  Check out the following video that Nate made as he traveled home to bless us.  This is the first time I have used Blogger to upload a video.  I hope it is big enough so you can see it. 

::Wednesday 11/24/2010
I can't even begin to tell you how much fun we had with Nate home those few days!  We laughed and played, hugged and laughed some more.  Today wasn't warm at all, but it found us, once again walking and playing at the lake once the girls and I finished the majority of our Thanksgiving cooking for tomorrow.  We decided to pose for an impromptu family photo and this is what I got!  The puppy is our married daughter and son-in-law's puppy, Fusion. (We were "puppy-sitting" for a few days)  He decided that since we had all stopped walking it must be time to kiss!
::Thursday 11/25/2010
Thanksgiving.  I am so blessed.  My heart is filled to overflowing.  Life is so, so rich here.  Thank You Lord.

Enjoying life here,

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  1. Amazing and so fun!! I had tears in my eyes watching the video. Thank you for sharing your sweet family with us. Yes, we are blessed beyond measure! I'm so glad you had such a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am thankful for you!


  2. Just watched the video...and am weeping. That is so precious!!! SO precious!!! I am so thankful he got to come home and surprise you! I cannot even imagine the joy. I thank God for such a wonderful gift for your family. We pray for Nate and all of our service men. Thank you for the sacrifices your family makes, for the sacrifices he is making for our country. We appreciate you all!

  3. Great to catch up with you! The photos are beautiful...never boring :)
    Sending a hug from the farm~

  4. It's so good to see your pictures again, they are never boring. You kids are so cute. I was just thinking of you this weekend and was going to try and find your blog in my past posts so I could say hello. So happy your son came home, I have to watch the video without sound though as our speakers just went out on us. All your photos were great, love the moon photo.

    I still have to catch up on my journal cards too but I have all the pictures. Thank you for sharing and so glad you linked up this week. Enjoy your week.

  5. Hello Susan!

    What a lovely post. I am encouraged to remember that each and every day...not just the "fancy, got something special planned" days are just SO precious! I am inspired to write and collect more of these memories for my family! Just wondering....what font do you use on your photos? I LOVE IT!


  6. Oh my, those pictures were fun. And what a GREAT surpise from your son...

    What a special memory to cherish.

  7. Oh your son's video made me cry!!! How very sweet that he was so excited to get home and what a wonderful surprise for you all!!! I really enjoy your pictures - they are not boring in the least!


  8. Thanks everybody! You are all so sweet to take time to comment here~ I appreciate *you*!


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