Monday, December 6, 2010

Project Life 11/26/2010- 12/2/2010

Yet another installment of "Project Life" here, my ongoing album this year, filled with one image/day + journaling for the whole year.  We all *love* this album here~ it is so fabulous to flip through the year, one week per two page spread at a time.   If you are considering tackling something like "Project Life" next year, I'd encourage you to do it... you will *love* having a fabulous visual documentation of your life!  I will say this though, be sure to keep up with your journaling!

I think I have decided to include my "December Daily" album right in with my Project Life album.  That way I won't have to make or purchase another album and I won't have to feel pressured to create each day if I don't have time or photos to do that.  I can simply add extra pages with favorite Christmas photos and journaling to the three-ring Project Life album.

Anyway, on to photos from the past week:

::Friday 11/26/2010
It's a Black Friday tradition here... no, not shopping (I do not like shopping in crowds, but the sale of  $1.99 fleece did entice me to get out briefly this year).  The big event here is that some of the younger children get to go over to my parents' house and help them decorate for Christmas!  This involves not only decorating the tree, but also eating out (*huge* treat for our kids) and getting to spend the night!

The next morning the little boys arrived at our house by 7:35am!  They couldn't understand why the other children were still asleep.  "My!" I said, "What time did you boys get up?"  "Oh, we only got up at 4:30am. Don't worry Mother, we were so quiet that I'm sure Nana and Papa didn't hear us!"  Oh my!  My poor parents!  : )   Such good memories for the children though... so good!  Thanks, Mom and Dad!  I love you and appreciate all that you do for us!
::Saturday 11/27/2010
This was chicken butchering day here... sorry if the photo is a little "ucky," but that's how it is.  I do love having that fresh organic poultry meat in our freezer.  Hey there, Jessica!  We missed you this year... perhaps you can come by next spring when we do this!
::Sunday 11/28/2010
I love photos like this one... capturing relationships here.  The boys were helping as we did the final cleaning of the chickens, checking for feathers that we missed, etc before nestling the birds in the freezer.  I *love* the fact that our children help out with the many chores around here so willingly (most of the time!)
::Monday 11/29/2010
Timothy discovered Play Doh today.  I think he spend more than an hour while we worked on school, totally immersed in the fun of molding, cutting and shaping.
::Tuesday 11/30/2010
Like my new Vibrams?  I am back riding my bike now that I am seven weeks out from my hip surgery and I am getting closer and closer to being able to add running back into my workout schedule.  I am pretty sure that one of the contributing factors to my "femoral neck stress fracture" was poor running form, so I am determined to rework my form.  I am primarily using the info presented by Danny Dryer in his book "Chi Running."  The Chi Running web site is full of helpful information if you are interested in that.  The premise of Chi Running is that thickly cushioned running shoes can promote a running stride in which your foot strikes the ground out in front of you, rather than directly under you.  Enter the Vibram 5 Finger shoes.  They are minimal and encourage you to land with your foot directly under you when running.  Plus they are super-cute, don't you think?  (please excuse the slightly blurry photo... I'd retake it, but it's dark now and life goes on...)
::Wednesday 12/1/2010
Happy birthday, Timothy!  I can't believe that you are four years old already!  I had so much fun watching you enjoy your birthday today.  Every time we sang "happy birthday" to you (several times!), you clapped and sang along, totally delighted to be the center of attention.  When it was time to open your gifts, you didn't just tear into them, but very carefully removed the tape and wrapping paper from each present, so delighted with each gift.  I love watching you grow up and am so grateful that I get to be your Mommy.  You are a pretty cool addition to our family!
::Thursday 12/2/2010
Each day since Thanksgiving the children have been asking to decorate our Christmas tree.  Every day something kept us from working on that project.   This evening, as I was working on some homeschool record-keeping, I vaguely heard Gabriel (15) announce to the younger children, "We're going to get out the Christmas tree!"  The next thing I knew, they had carried our artificial tree upstairs, plus all of the boxes of Christmas Decorations!

I captured this shot of the littler boys checking the lights....  I do love Christmastime!
Are you enjoying this advent season at your house?

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  1. Susan!! I love all your pictures capturing life at your home~ Such a beautiful family.

    Your 4yr old is ADORABLE!!!! Love his curls :-)


  2. Love your pictures. Happy Birthday Timmy!! He looks so cute and love his curly hair. I needed to see this today to cheer me up so thank you so much for posting. Have another wonderful week.

  3. Such fun photos! Great shoes!! :)



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