Monday, December 13, 2010

Project Life 12/3-12/10/2010

Aaah, December!  I love this month!  In the past I have tended to take on *way* too many projects but this year I am taking it slower and trying to enjoy the simple moments with my family.  As a result, I am not posting so much here or staying up until 1am sewing, and I haven't done a huge amount of decorating, but I *am* enjoying life here with my family. 

Here are the photos I chose for the past week to add to my Project Life album... one photo plus some simple journaling each day for a year.  *Love* this project.

::Friday 12/3/2010
A quick early-morning picture of the Christmas tree taken from our kitchen.  I love the reflection of the lights on the floor and door frame.  Caused me to ponder, "Am I reflecting Him as I go about my simple everyday life here?"
::Saturday 12/4/2010
A sneaky shot capturing the youngest boys playing with the Fisher Price nativity set.  Most certainly their own creative version of the Biblical account, but fun anyway.  Love seeing them enjoy each other so much.
::Sunday 12/5/2010
Joshua has been making his own sword and shield, then painting them.  If he has any free time I can find him creating something.  He ended up painting them some really bright colors later this day. He was so proud of his work.
::Monday 12/6/2010
One of the first really cold mornings we have had here.  Joshua went out to help take care of the animals and proudly came back with this ice that he removed from the goats' water bucket.  Pretty cool!
::Tuesday 12/7/2010
I was busy for a minute during school time today and when I turned around to check on the boys I saw this.  Josiah was helping Jon read.  Moments like this *really* make my day.
::Wednesday 12/8/2010
This morning I found Timmy hiding and playing under the hassock.  When I asked what he was doing he replied, "It's my Christmas house!"  That little cutie!
::Thursday 12/9/2010
I *wish* I would have taken my camera with me, but I didn't.  This evening my parents took Tom and I, plus three of the older children to see "A Christmas Carol" put on by the Kansas City Repertory Theater.  It is the 30th year for this production.  Never fails to make me cry.  If you live in the area and have opportunity to attend, do.  You won't regret it.  Thanks again, Mom and Dad!
And there you have it... another week zipped past.  I am going to try to post some of our favorite gluten-free Christmas cookie/treat recipes later this week, but I'm learning not to make any blogging promises!  I'll try anyway.

I know that it is not all that important in the whole scheme of things, but if you think of it, please pray.  Our oven (both the top and the bottom of our double oven) quit working today!  Yikes!  And we have so much baking that we planned to do, plus we will be hosting Christmas here.  Oh my!  The last time I had a problem with our oven the part wasn't available state-side and had to be shipped in from New Zealand (we have a Fisher and Paykell oven).  It took a month to arrive.  sigh.  So we shall see what happens this time.  I'll keep you updated, k?

Have a fabulous week!

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  1. Susan~ Definitely praying for your oven :-0 Maybe promise it chocolate if it starts working ASAP :-) hee hee

    Love your slowing down post, your beautiful tree and reflections :-)

    Such a beautiful family~


  2. Love your tree it's so pretty and big. Your pictures are the sweetest every week, love seeing those boys of yours. Good for you slowing down and just enjoying, that's what we are trying to do to. Big prayers for your oven to make it thru the holidays for you. Have a very merry week.

  3. Your home is sooooo beautiful Susan!! And your tree is gorgeous. And your photos are ALWAYS wonderful!! Precious children moments...what a blessing you have done this 365 day will not regret it!

    So sorry about the oven! Maybe it is just a fuse...??? Hopefully it's something simple like that!

    Merry CHRISTmas from our home to yours! Warm blessings to you!!

    In His Love,


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