Monday, January 17, 2011

Endless Gifts....

Life.  It's full, isn't it?  Laundry, overseeing homework, children who at times lack diligence in completing homework, meals to plan, chemistry to be both learned and taught, oh how I can be tempted to ungratefully multi-task my way through the day.

When I slow to count and enumerate the small everyday blessings, I glorify God.  My eyes turn heavenward and even the pile of dirt and food crumbs on the kitchen floor becomes a reason to rejoice.  He loves, He cares for me.  Even. me.  Imagine!

I do not have time each week to post here my ongoing list of blessings found, but I do count.  I list and number because if I don't .... if I don't continue to look, to see His hand in my life I quickly forget that it is not about me~ my problems, my trials, my pains, instead it is all about Him!  Oh!  How He loves!
So, I cut and paste and document.... and then I am tempted to forget so I list some more.
And He meets me there.... here in my (very ordinary) life, with my very ordinary trials.  He *is* there!
If you are reading this post via a Reader or in your email via Feedburner, please go to my blog to watch the following short video.  Trust me, your heart will thank you for watching this!

I read very few books.  My time to read is extremely limited so my selection is most often limited to books about "practical" things... how to run correctly, homeschooling, photography or some other craft I am interested in.

Last October I pre-ordered Ann Voskamp's book One Thousand Blessings, and after reading her blog for several years, waited anxiously for what I was sure would challenge and encourage me.  Over our Christmas break I gave in and purchased an instant download of the book for Kindle on my iPad. (Ann's book is now out and available not only for Kindle and Nook~ and other cool e-readers, but also in beautiful hardback~ yay!)

I was not disappointed.  Ann's poignant prose captured my very heart.  She shares, honestly about her struggles, her pain and how, as she accepted a friend's challenge to thankfully list blessings, her entire world changed.  There are very few books that would warrant my saying this:

You *must* read this book.

To make it even more fun, the new book club "bloom" over at (En)Courage is featuring Ann's book as their book of choice to read together and discuss this spring.  Ann, herself, is contributing via video each week/chapter of the group study.  How cool is that? 

Me?  I'm off to continue my list and re-read and highlight Ann's book....

278. crunch of apples
279. frigid runs with Tom
280. Sun's out!
281. Longer runs without stopping!  Yay for a stronger hip!
282. Screws holding me together.
283. needtobreathe~ new music
284. new pink running shirt with thumb holes!
285. getting to read books aloud to the children~ love The Jesus Storybook Bible
286. running in the shadows of tall, rocky bluffs.
287. iPhoto and Lightroom~ more visual evidence of a rich, full life.
288. this year's Project Life album.
289. click, click, click as my new tri bike soars!
290. romping puppies in our back field.
291. multi-colored eggs~ browns, greens and even some blue.
292. My hip injury last year. (learned so much through that)
293. Running dates with my honey.
294. Warmth of home.
295. Azure order~ so grateful to be able to purchase good organic food.
296. Deep blue sky behind naked cottonwood branches at a local lake.
297. Time with Hannah and Abbie~ laughing fun.
298. early morning noises...
299. crackle of fire.
300. whisper of flame
301. yawning of Great Dane puppy Dude.
302. Crinkle of pages turned in my Bible.
 303. Timmy's delight in his wet little footprints on a towel after an early morning bath.
304. Little boys who still request "baby" pancakes.
305. Curly duck tails.
306. kitchen window January sky.
307. Big boys wearing flannel shirts and boots.
308. spontaneous birthday songs for me.
309. a frosty, fast bike ride.
310. daughter-made black forest birthday cheesecake.
311. iPhoto slide show on my iMac~ love catching glimpses of our past year.
312. Abbie's fun company as we drove to Manhattan, KS.
traveling to Kansas~ photo by Abbie!
313. Successful surgery on oldest daughter Micah's fractured arm
314. Safe (and stunningly beautiful) travel.
Abbie's capture of the sunrise on our trip.
A fabulous sunset over the Flint Hills in Kansas on our way home.
315. learning to run (correctly, this time!)
316. warmth of woodburning stove.
317. cozy naps.
318. our bedroom, newly organized and cleaned out.
319. fluffy snow.
320. giggling children
321. Micah home from the hosptial (arm healing nicely)
322. pouncing Great Dane puppy on happy snowy children
323. Cardinals bright against snow.
324. smooth bread dough kneading in mixer.
325. warm soup and fellowship around table.

Rejoicing in His provision for me,


  1. Excellent. Thanks for the beauty of your thankful heart and notes.

  2. AH...seems like old times! Thanks for the 'thankful' up-date!
    Yes, for the reminder, it is not about vision can get cloudy! Like the last few days of very sick children & Hubby & non-stop snow & shoveling jobs to do!God knows the reason! :)
    Oh...what did you do in your room?
    Have a great day & week!

  3. My favorites - crinkling pages, crackling fire, wet tippy toes from a freshly bathed little one and running dates with your cozy and sweet.

    I love what you wrote about your "ordinary" life....and looking back. I have found that it's not the WOW's in my life that I recall but the regular hum of my life that settles in my mind and brings me much comfort.

    Thinking of you~ Cinnamon

  4. #292 really *grabbed* me, but I *do* know what you mean...through the trials we learn the most!! How precious that the LORD is teaching you much of HIMself through this time of trying.

    Your photos are gorgeous (as always) and your journals are soooo beautiful!

    Thank you for the recommendation of Ann's book...I will have to get a copy (or two or three?) to maybe share a few as well. :)

    Sending you a big Canadian (((hug))) today my friend!

    In His Love,

  5. love this love this love this, thank you thank you thank you!!This is so very true.

  6. Love it! I love hearing and seeing glimpses into your life. I have Anne's book on my list for this year, too!

    Thankfulness does change everything! Thank you for your inspiration and encouragement!


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