Wednesday, March 23, 2011

In the sewing room...

Aaaah, spring *must* be coming because the girls and I have been inspired to sew, sew, sew.  Well, that and garden, but we can't do *too* much gardening yet here, so it's back to sewing.

The boys were *so* excited to show me that some of the bushes in our woods are beginning to leaf out! Yay!
And there is now green in my herb garden as well...
The chives are up too!
Who knows, perhaps this will be the year that I actually use my herbs!  Hope springs eternal....

But I digress.  Back to sewing.  This past weekend Abbie decided to salvage a favorite pair of jeans
and turn them into a skirt!  I think it turned out so cute!
It was really easy... she simply cut off the legs and then attached the skirt on top.  For the skirt, Abbie sewed three strips of fabric together, then gathered each "set" of three fabrics.  That way it is not quite so "poufy" as it would have been if each layer were a little larger than the layer above it and each layer gathered.  Clear as mud?

There is plenty of swirl and twirl though.  I think she did a great job.  Don't you?

The warm weather inspired me to get out the quilt top that I began last spring.  I decided that it needed some extra blocks.  Bigger is always better, don't you think?  (I don't want to hear any comments about big rabbits, either!)  (wink!)
So I added the green sashing and the blocks around the edges... and now it is too big for the backing and batting that I purchased for it.  So yes, sometimes bigger isn't better.  ; )
That's ok though.  I'll just have to make another quilt so I can use the back and batting that I purchased, don't you think?

Here's a little more green for you... just 'cause I figured that if it makes me happy to see it, it must make you happy too!
And some early spring blue sky...

sigh.  Sending happy spring thoughts your way,


  1. I love the skirt!! Good job Abby.

    You have more green than we do. My trees are still just bare branches. But we have grass growing :-)

    What a lovely quilt. So country-ish. Such pretty colors too. You are so talented~

    I have been wanting to sew but it's not my season right now. Rosie is my season as she's still needing extra everything :-) Extra cuddles, Extra feedings, Extra "stay awake for hours" periods :-0 So maybe my girlies can pick up on the sewing for me~

    love your updates~ Cinnamon

  2. Oh Susan...
    So nice to see you back now, we at our home have missed you this long winter! Your spring is lovely~
    I thank you for sharing the beautiful pic's...we had a snow/ice storm yesterday & winter temps have returned once more! Huh?
    Yes, I do pray it will not stay long-as it's worn it's welcome thin! :)
    As for the skirt very good job!
    Now the is beautiful & if you really find it way to b-i-g well I will help you out & you can send it to our home---ha! remember we are back to cool temps! :)
    Actually, I think you yes, should start another & just change to a different back for this one.
    Did you see the give-away we have for Cinnamon's family?
    It is a wonderful song-
    Again so nice to come by & you sound so ...happy for spring!

  3. Susan, Beautiful skirt and the quilt.... just lovely. Some of my favorite colors. Very springy! Thanks for sharing it!

  4. I love the skirt! A quick question about did she do the back? Did she cut above or below the pockets? I want to fix up an old pair of my jeans the same way. It is really cute!

  5. ~Cinnamon,... I know what you mean about green~ even some green grass is nice! You are exactly right about the baby season~ enjoy that extra cuddling! Those days pass *so* quickly!

    ~Thanks Lori and Kathy! I do *wish* I could make quilts for all of my friends! I'd love that!

    ~Allison~ I emailed you privately, but thought I'd answer here as well, in case anyone else was interested. For Abbie's skirt she cut the legs off just below the back pockets. She says that if she does it again she'll allow a little more room. As it was she cut only about 1/2" below the pockets and when she attached the skirt it covered just a little of the bottom of the pockets. I think it's still really cute! Hope that helps!

  6. Thank you! That will help.
    I didn't get your e-mail. Did you send it? Or maybe it got sent to my junk.

  7. That skirt is so cute, she did an awesome job. I wonder if my daughter could do that. Thank you for sharing all those green pictures for us, we are almost there and do have a few blooms in the yard. Hope your feeling better and have a good week.

  8. ~Thanks Rose!

    ~Allison~ I did send the note... perhaps your spam "ate" it! Feel free to email if you have any other questions!

    ~Dawn... I'm enjoying the green too~ even with some occasional snow here! Hope you have a great week too!


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