Sunday, April 10, 2011

Living purposefully...

What do you think?  Does documenting your life cause you to live your life with more purpose, more joy? I came across the following YouTube video that I thought you might enjoy...

At first when I saw this I thought, "Why would anyone want to inherit that much information?"  But as I considered I realized that I would *love* to have this kind of information to peruse from my parents or grandparents.  OK, so perhaps not *quite* that many volumes, but I think you can't help but love this man anyway!  I can only imagine how much more *rich* his life must have been for systematically documenting things the way that he did.

Are you like me?  Have you found that simply *knowing* that you are going to have to "give account" of your activities is enough to cause you to live life more faithfully?  Embarrassing to admit, but so true for me.  If I know that I could be called upon to relate what I have been learning in my quiet time with the Lord during our family devotions time I am much more careful to find some good applications during my devotions.  (blush)

When I "give account" of my days by journaling or documenting our life in various ways, I think it inspires me to live the life that I would want to read about later.  (Perhaps you have read Donald Miller's A Million Miles in a Thousand Years?)

Two more inspirational journaling posts for you:
  • First, this post detailing a fabulous way to keep a simple family journal~ *love* this idea! (No photographs or scrapbooking involved~ trust me, *very* "doable" and adorable!)
  • Second, another collective family journal~ what a fabulous keepsake this will be!
  • I've also written a few posts about journaling.

So, how do you document your life?  Do you think it makes a difference in *how* you live?

I'm planning to be back soon with photos from Death Valley and Zion National Park!  We had such fun!


  1. Beautiful! sigh*****

    What a great idea of how to organize the journal! :) and ones life!

    I have a Happy Book.....inspired by the movie The Notebook!

    Peace and Love,

  2. Yes, I am more intentional knowing I am going to keep track of our life. Seems like it shouldn't take that, but it does, I accept that and am taking advantage of it. ;-) Susan, I can say the Lord has used you sharing your heart and what you do to totally inspire me. I have always wanted a way to keep track of life. I have attempted various things, but Project Life and my Gratitude Journal have been life changing.

    I also just did a free picture book from Picaboo chronicling our 2010. While it wasn't as detailed as I like it was wonderful and Brian was so pleased. ;-)

    Thank you for sharing your passion for family, it inspires. Love you friend

  3. That is a great video! Thanks for sharing it.

  4. I love the photos, the scenery is beautiful and some were even gorgeous. Love all the pops of color from the flowers. So happy you got away and enjoyed yourselves. Thanks for sharing these with us. I'm still working on a grateful journal as well, yours are so good though. It's nice knowing theirs something of mine that I'm leaving for others to find and read and enjoy. Have a wonderful Easter with your loved ones.


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