Sunday, May 1, 2011

Praying for those affected by the tornados

On April 27 an incredibly devastating outbreak of tornadic storms destroyed and damaged thousands of homes in the Southern part of the US.

Among the families affected were several large homeschooling families.  Kelly Crawford (of Generation Cedar) lost their home~ it's totally gone.  The Crawfords have nine children~ including a 3 week old baby.

And on an even more somber note, the Lee family's (Baker's Dozen Farmhouse) father literally gave his life for his family of 13 children as he tried to shelter them from the storm.

Their church has set up a page to inform people who want to get involved and help here.

Here are some interviews as well.... the first is with Aaron Crawford.

The second is an interview with the Jordon Lee, the oldest son of the Lee family.

An adendum: Samaratian's Purse has a page here with additional info on ways to get involved and help.

Praying here,

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