Monday, June 6, 2011


Lots of random things on my mind today...
  • I was sent a link to the following article in the Wall Street Journal~ in my opinion, a must read for parents!  "Twin Lessons: Have More Kids. Pay Less Attention to Them."  Read it!  I think you'll find it a refreshing perspective, especially for those of us who struggle at times with being guilt-driven overachiever homeschooling parents.
  • Wow is it hot here! A mere 8 days ago the children were lamenting the cold weather that kept them from swimming and now I find myself running and cycling in 95 degree heat!  I have never been a fan of hot weather, but I am determined to make friends with the heat this year.  Here is an interesting discussion on the science of exercising in the heat.
  • Working on finishing up some updates of the tabs under my header... coming soon~ a journaling tab, and who-knows what else!  Check back soon!
  • Looks like we are finally going to be able to pick up our "little" Flemish Giant rabbits this coming weekend!  Serious cuteness awaits!  

  • and one more, 'cause I am in love with vintage trucks!  One of these days I think the boys will find one and get it running for me.  I would seriously drive this everywhere!

enjoying summer here...


  1. Love the pics of those homes, the big bunny, the truck. Love your thoughts, and thanks for sharing!!!

  2. What a fun post! Lovely photos of that kitchen...and what a great truck! LOL! Thank you for sharing your *finds* article-wise...and for your joy-filled are a blessing. :)

    Have a wonderful Summer Susan!


  3. :) That article on parenting makes me feel less guilty about my parenting style. :)

  4. ~Pam and Camille, Thanks, as always, my friends, for taking time to comment here~ you guys make my day! : )

    ~Carmen, I was super-encouraged by that article too. I think as parents, we tend to "beat ourselves up" too much when our children fail or make mistakes, and conversely, take too much credit when they do well! So grateful for abundant grace!

  5. My sister had a flemish giant rabbit. I thought it was kind of creepy. I love that truck!

  6. It's great to catch up with you, and though this belongs on the triathalon post...WOW! Am I proud of you!


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