Monday, August 8, 2011

Project Life July 31- August 6

I thought I'd post a little Project Life update. I am still plugging away at this project~ some weeks more effectively than others. I say that to encourage you... there are actually a number of weeks that I didn't have (or make) the time to include any journaling at all. Do I wish the journaling were there? Absolutely! But, I am so, so happy to have the photos and the memories that the photos trigger that I am ok with that and can call it "good."
Our oldest son Nate was home on leave from his job in the Army for two whole weeks! Oh, the fun we had! It was so sad to see him go. I thought you might like to see a photo of the traditional group sibling send off hug!
All of the children were there except our oldest daughter Micah and her husband Joshua... So I almost had everyone together... almost! Perhaps at Christmas or Thanksgiving we will be able to get the whole clan together~ I do hope so!
On to this week's edition of Project Life.
I had a lot of fun this week doing some extra photos, two 8" x 8" pics and some fun lift-up photos with journaling underneath as well. Here's a close up of the left page.
And here is the right... I loved an impromptu shot that i took of four of the children, so I enlarged it to 8" x 8" and stuck it in it's own little page protector.
When you lift up that photo, this is what you see...
On the back is another 8" x 8" pic, of the group send off hug! Had to include that!
On the right page I had more stories to tell than I had space to tell them, so I decided to try some little 4" x 6" adhesive photo sleeves that I purchased recently.
There ares two of them that life up to reveal their stories underneath... Can you see them? One is under the adorable photo of our new little Welsh Corgi and the other is under the pic taken when Tom and I were trail running. In the photo below I am lifting up the photo of our new little dog to reveal his story...
And here i am lifting up the photo of Tom trail running to show the journaling under it.
Not every week, but many weeks I end up adding in extra photos or just ephemera from daily life around here. This has caused my album to fill up very quickly. I already need to begin a volume 2 for this year! Can you tell how much I love this project? I really do.
And just 'cause I figure that you would love to see some more adorable cuteness, I'll show you another pic of our little Welsh Corgi "Jasper."
For whatever reason this little guy has bonded with me and absolutely won't let me out of his sight! Everywhere I go, he is trotting right along behind. When I sit down, he lies down right next to me and if I must go somewhere that he can't, well, let's just say, it does make him sad. I'm smitten!
On other fronts here, I've got lots and lots of planning to do to in order to complete preparations for beginning this school year on the 22nd, so that will be my focus during the next few weeks. We have been homeshooling "officially" since 1993, but I still can get overwhelmed with all that is required of me in this process. Just tonight Tom and I were discussing how very, very important it is for us to remember when we feel that we lack wisdom to "ask of God, who will generously give us the wisdom that we need" so we will know exactly how to proceed this year. So that's what I'll be doing.
Seeking Him,


  1. I have missed seeing the lovely photos you take, and your gorgeous family!!! Hope you are keeping well. Sending you smiles from South Africa :)

  2. I agree with Rene it's been awhile since I've visited. Your pictures are beautiful just like your family. So glad your son got to come home for a couple weeks, that is a great photo of the group hug. It is hard some weeks for me to keep up on the writing of PL but I love love this album and will keep doing it.

    What a neat idea to add the extra journal spots under your pictures, I need to do this for some of mine. Thanks for sharing that with us.
    Have another wonderful week and keep posting so we can see you.
    hugs, Dawn

  3. Wonderful photos. Love Jasper. Looks like you have been busy. Mine is posted here

  4. Amazing group hug shot--love it!

  5. ~Hi there Rene'! So good to see you again too! Sorry that I haven't had time to comment lately on your blog, but I do read it in my RSS reader~ *love* the cards you have been making!

    ~Dawn! Thanks for the encouragement~ hope you are doing well!

    ~Sarah-Greetings! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment here~ I appreciate it!

    ~Packmom~ Hi there! Nice to see you here~ thanks for the kind comment!

  6. What a lovely post my friend! I *love* your project life is so inspiring! I think I will have to get started on one too. What a treasure it will be for you family to have (and for you) in the years to come!!

    How true it is...wisdom indeed comes from the LORD and HE promises to give it. How blessed we are to belong to HIM! I am in the thinking/planning stages of our homeschool year right can be overwhelming at times...but, the LORD's plans for us are often not what we think they are! HE is so gracious and merciful, isn't HE?

    Hang in there!

  7. It is great having everyone get together. It is also tough when you have them move out. I noticed we are exactly opposite in our children. I have nine girls and three boys and two are married.


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