Sunday, September 18, 2011

Plaza 10K

A little rainy morning fun around here...

Our oldest daughter Micah was in town this weekend to run the Plaza 10K.  We made it into a family event~ well, part of the fam!  It was a blast!  Here we are before the rainy race start... being a little goofy for the camera.  My parents were *so* sweet to come out in the 58 degree rain to cheer for us!  What would I do without our personal cheering squad?

Tom, me, Caleb, Micah and Jake before the race.

This inaugural race took place on The Plaza... a beautiful Kansas City shopping area~ the flowers were fabulous!  Here are Jake and I at the 2 mile mark.

Jake and I at the 2 mile mark!

Tom offered to run with Micah and help her maintain a good pace.  She did *fabulous*!  I was so proud!

Tom and Micah... almost done!

Here I am.... almost done.  Yay!

Me... finishing in the rain!

I'm not very fast, but I'm persistant!

After the race Micah, her husband Joshua and my parents at lunch with us~ I *love* having almost everyone together!  (Our oldest son Nate is stationed in Ft. Benning, GA as a chaplain's assistant).

Feeling super-blessed here,

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