Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I need friends! LOL!

Hey there!

I've been planning all sorts of posts, but have been so busy with life here that I've had no time to write!

I did want to take a sec here though before I go swim (while the children eat lunch) to make a little request/offer.  If anyone would like to be "friends" with me on MyFitnessPal, I'd *love* to add you as a friend!  Let's encourage each other!

I'm joyfulmomofmany (such a surprise, huh?!) there... look me up and "friend" me, K?

You can read my post here about how I'm using MyFitnessPal to loose some stubborn weight.

Have a *fabulous* autumn day!  (or spring day, for those of you in the Southern hemisphere!)


  1. So I had a dream that you came over and wanted us to get away somewhere. So, after taking a very long time to get ready, I came out and you were upset with me. "Now we'll have to go to the church service before we can go out." you said. Ok. "You have to wear this pillow case over your head at my church for a covering." "No I don't!" I said.

    So we went to your church, where no one wore coverings (!) and every 2 minutes large platters of little debbies, large frosted cupcakes and snowballs in green frosting were passed around for us to eat. "Wow. How do you lose weight at this church?" I asked! Too funny.

  2. Will do! :) You'll be my first friend. :D

  3. Pam… that's *super* funny! Wow! I don't even know what to say…. : )

    Have a great Tuesday…. and stay away from those Little Debbies! LOL!


  4. ~Tammy~ Yay! Thanks for "friending" me! I think you'll *love* MyFitnessPal! See you there!


  5. Susan,
    I got the diagnosis of osteopenia a couple of weeks ago. I (against my usual sense)agreed to take a once-a-week prescription called Atelvia. I was sick for 3 full days! I called and told my dr. that I was not taking it ever again! BTW, I am at -1.88 on the scale. I hope you keep posting the things you find about rebuilding our bones.I'm with you girl.

  6. Wow Kari!

    ~Kari, Those prescription meds are scary, for sure. I've had several people email me with similar stories. Yikes!

    I have come across some new osteopenia research that I'll try to post on my blog soon. Thanks for reading and commenting too!

    We'll keep working on this osteopenia thing… don't give up!



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