Thursday, November 3, 2011

10 Things Right Now

1. Recovering from my second hip surgery... for those of you who have inquired (and there have been a bunch of you-- thanks!) I'm doing great! The first few days after surgery were not very fun, but today has been much better. Thanks SO much for your prayers and concern!

2. So grateful for the children and Tom, who are such willing helpers. Large families are a lot of work, (but oh!) the blessings of so many caring and willing (mostly!) helpers! I am SO spoiled!

3. I am not nearly as frustrated with my crutches right now as I was a few weeks ago... feeling like this is simply a "season" and will pass...

4. Totally *loving* Pinterest and all of the visual inspiration there.

5. Beginning to think about Christmas... lots of gifts to plan for and creative decorating that I'd like to do.

6. Really loving the new Needtobreathe album "The Reckoning" and also enjoying playing George Winston's album "December."

7. I am really in the mood to sew... I have a ton of ideas to work on once my hip is a little better. Check out my Pinterest sewing board if you'd like!

8. Trying to focus on what I can do right now, rather than getting frustrated with what I can't do.

9. Pinterest has also inspired me to think about style ... (you can find my style Pinterest board here) ...what I like and what I don't. This topic has *never* been on my "radar," I can be perfectly happy with a pair of jeans and a comfy shirt. The combination of losing weight and browsing Pinterest has inspired me to consider what I wear though. There are *so* many cute outfits pinned there... I'm trying to creatively branch out without spending very much money. A fun challenge!

10. I am finding myself more grateful than ever for my friends... both local and online friends. I have been attempting to take all of the opportunities that I can to spend time with friends. Out of town friends, when they pass through this area, and little meetings with local friends as well. I am *so* blessed to have so many faithful friends. Love you guys!

Hope the rest of your week is fantabulous!



  1. Your pinterest choices are so lovely. I love the sweater dress with leggings, an old style revived. Saw the sewn tea cups when I noticed someone pinned something of mine. (It shows up in blogger stats and you can go to it..just in case anyone wants to know.)Course, I wasn't sure how I felt about that. It's not a problem if someone asks..

    Anyway, hoping for a great recovery and complete healing for you. Take care and thanks for helping me find my fitness pal. Really helpful.

  2. You sound great! Glad you are busy thinking about what you can do while SITTING down :-)

    Love that your family is taking care of you ♥ You are blessed!

    Love your style!! I'll be pinning some of those. I have to agree, I've never really given my "style" much thought but Pinterest does have a lot of fun looks on there. Love your choices~

    Sit tight and enjoy~ Cinnamon

  3. Oh no... hip surgery? I'm so sorry.
    Sounds like God has you taken care of with your family. <3 I love all the sewing ideas! Feel better soon mama!

  4. ~Pam... how cool that you were "pinned!" You're famous! LOL!

    ~Cinnamon~ I'm enjoying your pins too! You must be planning new bunk beds for your kiddos!

    ~Kristy, Thanks! I am improving… slowly but surely!


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