Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Catching up on Project Life- part 1

I'm a week post-surgery here and we have been as busy as ever!  Well, I've been busier delegating and sitting, but that counts too!  The older children work on their school work pretty independently, so they just continued with their assignments.  We gave the littler boys Monday off (the day I had surgery) and Tuesday also last week.  By Wednesday I had moved downstairs from our bedroom to the couch and had taken up "residence" there.

Perfect location to work with the younger boys on their school work.  (and play with my iPad!)

Timmy, who will be 5 in a few weeks is *really* enjoying "doing school like the big boys"... *love* this photo I snapped of him working on his handwriting.  Isn't he cute?

One of the things that I have worked on with all of the extra sitting time that I've had on my hands (other than snacking... that didn't work out very well!) is working on my Project Life album.  I know that I have said it before here, but it bears repeating, I *love* this project!

If you are not familiar with Project Life, or even if you are, do yourself a favor and check out this post for a fabulous and comprehensive overview of how Project Life works... and I also came across this post, the first in a series that should be very helpful as well!

I have been pretty much keeping up with printing my photos and getting them in the album, but haven't taken as much time as I would have liked to get the stories and journaling entered there.  This was a perfect project for a professional chair-sitter like me to work on!

Since I haven't posted a Project Life update since... August 6 (hello?!  August?  Wow!) and I know how very much you would love to see what I have worked on, I thought I'd bless you with a very long and photo-heavy post showing you the pages in my album since then!  Well actually I think I'll divide the fun up into two posts for you....   Alrightie then.... here we go!

First up: August 7- August 13, 2011

Some weeks I have more photos than I know what to do with and have a hard time deciding which ones will make the cut and then there are other weeks when I am busier and don't pick up the camera as much.  This was one of those weeks.  We were working hard on refinishing our school room, thus the sparse week, photographically.

A close up of the left page...

and the right...

August 14-20, 2011
Another light week here, but still so, so good to have it documented... and a few stories added as well.  This was our last "official" week of summer here before starting school, so I was really busy with preparations for school and with helping finish up the remodel of our recreation/school room.  Whew!  Busy, busy week!

a close up of the left page...

and the right, including a bag from one of our favorite local running stores...

August 21-27, 2011

Again, a close-up of the left page...

and the right...  The journaling on the right is taken from this blog post about my last triathlon of the summer.  I would like to do more of that sort of blog posting that I can draw from to print for my Project Life album.  Here's a little closer view of that right page with the journaling...

On the back of that page is this:

The photo of me on my bike is actually an 8" x 8" page protector... a fun size and here is the album with that page turned:

I included my "race day checklist"... so many things to remember for a triathlon!  And here is the back of that page and the rest of the photos from the week... lots of fun miscellaneous photos and stories.

Next up: August 28-Sept.3, 2011

If I had to choose a favorite two-page spread from this Project Life album, this one just might be it.  I simply *love* the photos, the colors, the stories, all of this!

Here's the left page: Tom celebrated his birthday and I had the opportunity to ride with Team Garmin's bike team.  That was a really fun experience!

And the right ... I seriously *love* this photo of Tim and Jasper, our Welsh Corgi!

I have started printing out each month's Google Calendar so I can have another record of all that we did during the past month and putting it in my Project Life notebook, so that is what I put on the back of the photo of Tim and Jasper.

Here's the right side of those pages:

September 4-10, 2011

Did I mention here that we are raising turkeys this year?  They are *so* funny!  We purchased six straight-run (that just means that they are mixed, males and females) turkeys last spring.  Two of them ended up being Toms.  They are huge now and put on a pretty impressive show.  Foremost in their mind is impressing the girl turkeys.  That is all they think about... strutting around with their feathers puffed out.  The females seem totally unimpressed.  So comical.

Anyway, here's the "spread" from this week:

The left page,

a fun little 6" x 12" page protector that I used to highlight our trip downtown to see the circus elephants eat lunch...

The white journaling card is actually a separate 4" x 6" photo sleeve that I stuck on so I could more easily include the journaling from our trip and a fun photo of Jacob and Timmy on the back...

That longer 6" x 12" page protector lifts up to reveal this:

The last page highlights a fun little family bike ride which ended in a rainy downpour!

Sept. 11-17, 2011
A more "normal" week here, highlighting my longest trail run with Tom yet, 11 miles!  I was super-proud of that workout!

left page...

and the right page... including a somewhat comical look at the ridiculous stacks of books on my nightstand!

September 18-24, 2011

This week I highlighted the boys' quest to capture a chicken-bandit and an insert dedicated to a 10K race that Tom and I ran with three of our children.  It was a wet, chilly race.  I had never run that far in a race before, so I really enjoyed the challenge. (and the weather... I love running in cold weather, rather than hot!)

So there you have it.... almost two months of everyday life here~ so cool to have captured the moments and memories that I did.  Most certainly I would have already forgotten the vast majority of these events.  I really can't recommend this project highly enough... totally doable for busy moms and *rich* in memories created.

Check out the huge line of Project Life supplies now available from Becky Higgins on Amazon.  There are now more options than ever to help you celebrate your life.  Super-cool variety packs of page protectors, clear envelopes, etc, etc.  What fun!

Any questions, please do ask and I'll try to answer in a future post.

Up next: Sept.25- present!  Soon, I promise!


  1. Very awesome. Enjoy that couch and let those creative ideas flow. Bloom in the 'Mary' for a while; for 'Martha' is surely on her way back! Lovely art. Thanks for inspiring us. (And yes, Timmy is too cute.)

  2. ~Pam, thanks, my friend! You are so sweet to take time to faithfully comment here. I am doing pretty well at resting~ hope I don't have to perfect that "skill" though! LOL!


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