Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Released to swim!

Just popping in quickly to let you know... my dr's appt went fine yesterday!  I've been "approved" to swim!  Yay!  So I still have to use a pull buoy for the next two weeks, but then I get to drop that and swim "for real", plus add aqua-running (or deep-water running) to my schedule.  I still have 4 weeks on crutches and no cycling or elliptical or "real" running for a while yet, but at least I am adding activities now, and not removing them!

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is next week?  Oh my!  As usual, I have more projects planned than I could ever possibly complete... here are some that I'd like to do before next Thursday:

Plus, now don't laugh at me, I have a blank, lovely dark red wall in our dining room that needs a gallery wall display there!

I *love* an eclectic look like this:

Or like this:  Love all of the different shapes... definitely needs some photos though!

Then I saw this great tutorial on using decorative mouldings to make your own frames!  Habitat ReStore, here I come!

Plus, we've got lots of cooking/baking to do, 100 chickens and 6 turkeys to, um, butcher (sorry, I couldn't think of a more "politically correct" term!), and I'm still on crutches!  Ah well, at least we won't be bored, will we?  LOL!

I have Master's Swim early tomorrow morning (5:30 am!), so I'd better be good and go to bed... I can be so bad about staying up too late when Tom works nights.  It's lonely to go to bed all by myself!


  1. Oh I love all your pins from Pinterest. I have my own set of things I'd love to decorate and do for Thanksgiving. It's so fun to just pin them on Pinterest and see what others are doing.

    Yippee for swimming. I know you are totally excited! I'm happy for you.

    Sounds like you are keeping busy :-)


  2. Thanks Cinnamon! I'm looking forward to seeing your Thanksgiving Pinterest-inspired projects as well! Enjoy your sweet family!


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