Saturday, February 4, 2012


Around here....

Time: 4:25pm

Place: home... in our cozy front room (that's where the wood stove is!)

rain drops and puddles on the stone path to my herb garden

Eating: honey crisp apples (I'll be *so* sad when they aren't available any more this spring!)

Enjoying: a quiet day at home. I was scheduled to take a short 4 mi run then spin for an hour on my bike, but decided to skip it since I am battling a cold.

Reading: People Pictures: 30 Exercises for Creating Authentic Photographs.  I am really wanting to practice and learn more about good portrait photography.  Honestly, I think portrait photography is scary compared to landscape photography.  Definitely want to step outside my comfort zone and practice/learn this.

also reading: The Time-Crunched Triathlete.  I think I will be using a version of this training plan as I prepare for my first half-Ironman.  Another totally scary thing that I am super-excited about tackling!

Wanting: the sun to come out!  We received a bunch of much-needed rain yesterday~ *so* grateful for that... but I do find myself longing for "real" high-in-the-sky sun this time of year.

Learning: how to make these "hexies" using the english paper piecing method.  So fun~ addictive really!  One of my favorite quilts is a "grandmother's flower garden" quilt that my mother's mother made.  I certainly don't have time to complete a project like that, but I think a small doll-sized wall hanging would be perfect.

Thinking: about the need for me to "create" more and "consume" less.  It is easy to read about things, research things, but much harder to really get out there and *do* challenging or new things.

Loving: being able to run with my honey again!  I was released to run January 10 after my hip surgery last October.  My *favorite* way to spend time with Tom!

Creating: a bunting from an old quilt and some fabulous jumbo chenille ric rac.  It was so much fun that I decided to make small buntings to hang above the windows by my work area.

Needing: A binder for my 2012 Project Life album, plus some "style A" page protectors~ I can hardly wait for them to be available again later this month!

Rainy Day Kitchen

Wishing: That Flickr would quit giving me grief!  I have been uploading my photos to Flickr from Lightroom and then blogging them, but it seems that every time I edit a photo in Lightroom that has already been uploaded to Flickr, Lightroom re-submits the photo to Flickr and it "disappears" from my post blog posts.  Frustrating!  I think I'll switch back to uploading to Blogger directly from Lightroom... I might try using this plug-in to streamline the process.

Rejoicing: in the fact that I have seedlings up under lights on my seed-starting shelf in the basement!  Yay for green and spring coming!


  1. Susan, I love your post. Like I'm stopping in a for a short tour :-)

    Your hexies are so adorable! I can't wait to see how they all piece together.

    The bunting hanging up is so cute. Very homey~

    I'm so glad you are able to be up and get around with your honey, running again.

    Warm weather....oh it will be here soon won't it?!

    You're ahead of the game starting seeds. I need to do that too!!

    Loved our short "visit" :-)


  2. Hi Susan,
    Nice to see what you're up to, and to get a peek inside your cozy, homey home! Hope you are feeling better soon. Here the weather was amazing today. Warmish (for Ontario, Canada!) and sunny. I went for a little walk and just soaked it in. Happy running when you're feeling up to it again!

  3. Just love your little blog posts! I've awarded your blog the Liebster Award. You can check it out on my blog at: Congrats!

  4. Love coming for a visit at your home. Hope you are feeling better soon. I love your bunting everywhere! It looks like a party. :)

  5. ~Heather, I'll bet your flannel hexes are lovely! I bet it is harder to get flannel to look as crisp as plain cotton. I'd love to see your quilt pieces sometime if you have a chance.

    Have a wonderful week!

  6. ~Thanks for stopping by my little blog-home Cinnamon! I feel like I should offer you a cup of tea, or in my case, hot chocolate! LOL! Please stop by any time… wish we could visit "for real" sometime, my friend! Have a wonderful week!

  7. ~Thanks Carmen! I'm sure that I'll get past this cold eventually! Enjoy that warm Canadian weather~ what a strange winter this has been, yes?

    Have a wonderful week, my friend!

  8. ~Thanks Susan! How's the weather been down South? Have you had a mild winter like we have? Seems that I have seen a number of snow/ice storms that have tracked your way. We might actually get our first inch of snow tonight! The children are *so* excited!

  9. Counted a few snowflakes...but nothing more. We are hoping for at least one day of *real* winter! The kids and I have been enjoying your "things that make me smile" on pinterest. They make us smile, too!!


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