Thursday, March 15, 2012

Please pray...

I can't even begin to tell you how much I did *not* anticipate this, but instead of posting photos from my trip, I am instead requesting your prayers...

As many of you know, I've been training hard for a half-IronMan triathlon~ swimming, biking and running a bunch.  A few weeks ago I began to notice that my heart didn't feel right while I was exercising.  I don't really know how to describe it, but I was just aware that it wasn't beating correctly and I would feel light-headed or dizzy.  Those episodes never lasted very long though, so I would simply slow down whatever activity I was doing until things "felt normal" again, and then resume my workout.

Last Sunday Tom and I went for an 8 mile run and about a mile and a half into the run this heart arrhythmia started, so Tom and I walked for a few minutes until it returned to normal.  Then we began running again and I was able to complete my run with no further problems.  As soon as we arrived home it began again though~ only *much* worse than I had ever experienced before.  This went on for several hours and I almost passed out two times.  I finally, at my parents' bidding, went in to the ER.

I'm *so* glad that my parents encouraged me to go in to the emergency room.  By the time I arrived, I was feeling pretty normal but still I was having PVCs (premature ventricular contractions). The doctors in the ER weren't too concerned, but referred me to a cardiologist.

Sorry that this is getting so long... feel free to skip the rest of this and just pray, if you'd like!  LOL!

Anyway.... I did go in to see the cardiologist this Wednesday and he basically told me that while PVCs can be "normal"... the "almost passing out," etc wasn't normal, so he wanted to run some tests to rule out other problems.  They worked fast and were able to get me in today for a treadmill echocardiogram test.

I was only about 3 minutes into the treadmill test when my heart started ventricular trachycardia (VT).  The test was immediately halted... apparently this is a pretty serious heart arrhythmia.  Everyone pretty much panicked... my goodness!  "I'm fine, I kept saying... It'll stop in a minute or two~ it always does."  Thankfully my heart pretty quickly did return to a normal rhythm because the nurse told me that they were ready to shock me!  Yikes!

So grateful that one of the cardio doctors there was a specialist in heart arrhythmia.  He graciously saw me and consulted with the other doctors there.  I wasn't even allowed to drive home (Tom was able to stay home from work today and drive me) and am going to be admitted to the hospital tomorrow for a heart cath and MRI to rule out potential causes.

So, needless to say, all triathlon training is completely out of the question for now.  sigh.

So, all that long post to say, please pray...
~for peace for all of us~ what a shock today has been for me!
~that the tests tomorrow would be uneventful and that my doctor could figure out the cause of this problem.
~and for wisdom for Tom and I as we pray about what to do, treatment-wise.  Depending on the outcome of the tests, there will be several options.

I am fine... resting in God's peace and provision for us... actually quite thankful that all of this transpired the way that it did.  I suppose that, in theory, I could have easily have ignored this and continued to work out and gone in to cardiac arrest.  So, as always, God *is* good, all the time.  : )

Thank you *so*, *so* much my friends~
I really can't tell  you how much I appreciate your friendship and prayers!


  1. Praying for you, Susan!
    I don't think I have commented before.
    But now, is as good a time as any!
    Our daughter lives in the UMKC/Art Inst. Area.
    Was so surprised when I stumbled upon your blog and you had a photo of the Plaza and Plaza lights.
    Small world...
    So thankful that you caught your condition earlier rather than later!

  2. Praying for you. Thankful you discovered this in time.

  3. Oh wow, that sounds incredibly scary...for you AND your family. Never a dull moment for you is there? Hope you are able to sort out all the details relating to treatment soon, and pray that things work out for you.

  4. Susan-how scary!!! I'm so thankful the Lord, in His providence, worked things out as He did. I am praying for all of you. Thank you for sharing this! Hang in there dear friend, praying He keeps your eyes in Himself. Love you!

  5. I am praying that the cath will reveal God's miraculous healing!

  6. I am so glad you went in to the ER! I understand the symptoms as our oldest daughter has SVT (Supraventricular tachycardia)which has almost the same symptoms, but is not potentially dangereous like VT is.
    I WILL be praying for you, Susan! Both for physical healing and dealing with the frustration of another health issue.
    Love, Jenny

  7. Oh sweet Susan... I will pray for you!


  8. Hello Susan, know that you will be prayed for. So thankful you listened to your Momma and Daddy~ Isn't it amazing how they always know what is best for their kids know matter the age. I am thankful the Lord is giving you peace. You have a precious man to take good care of you and for all of us that is a blessing to know.

    Take care and please keep us posted!

    Heavenly Father, we come as a group of woman who have grown to love this precious lady. Please give the doctors supernatural insight as to what is best for Susan. Give them clarity of mind as they work on her case and please Father, bring her back to perfect health. Thank you for her parents, husband and children. May they all be sensitive to the needs that Susan has right now. We praise you Father for your care! In Jesus Name, Amen

    Hugs, Linda

  9. Praising God for His protection and praying for you!

  10. Susan,
    Hey girl! Read your post through facebook. I am asking the Great Physician to heal this according to His will and bar any complications for you. He is with you strong and lean on HIM! We will be at KUmed from 1:30pm to 6:00pm to be with my niece Lauren. Not sure if you will still be there but call me if you can and I will come see you. Blessings and love,
    Debby Pockrandt (785) 223-3556

  11. Susan, I will be praying for you today!

  12. Oh my goodness Susan!! I am so thankful you were okay and you did get to just the right Dr. How scary that was. I will be praying for your peace as you rest and wisdom for the decision to be made. God knows doesn't He. I'm so thankful that you and Tom love the Lord your God with all your heart!

    hugs~ Cinnamon

  13. We are praying right now and will continue!!! LOVE!~the Joneses

  14. I just saw your facebook post and came here to read the story. I am so glad you went to the Dr and found out what was going wrong. I am sorry about your training, but you know there are way more important things. I hope you get everything figured out soon. Praying for you!!

  15. Definitely moving you up the prayer list. I will pray for doctors, peace, and God's blessings on everyone and you as you head into this adventure. I am thankful for the timing and your parents!

  16. Dear Susan ~ I was unable to click through to your post the other day, but I did pray for you after seeing your update on my side bar. The LORD knows and is Good. I am so glad that you were seen so quickly and were cared for so well. I am just going to read your update now...



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