Thursday, September 6, 2012

My drs appt....

So overall the appt with my cardiologist went well today, I think.

He was confident that my diagnosis of the problem this past week being caused by the testosterone cream was correct.  So that is cool.  Also, he reassured me that my heart is very healthy and also since I have never passed out from one of these tachycardia events I am not at risk for cardiac arrest.  He also felt like once the testosterone got out of my system I would probably be back to where I was before with some limited "events."  So that is good.

He was pretty unhappy that I am doing Branson 70.3 though.  

Our conversation went something like this:

me: So you are good with me continuing to do the workouts that I have been doing?
Dr.E: Absolutely!
Then he looks at me suspiciously.
Dr E: You aren't planning on doing one of those IronMan events, are you?
me: Um, well it's not a *full* IM…
Dr. E: WHEN?  In 2015? 2014?….
me: …. actually, in three weeks….
Dr. E: Didn't we already have this discussion?  You know what I think about endurance events!  I don't recommend them for *anybody*!  Now, you are not particularly at risk, but I don't think that anybody should do those events.  Tell me again how far you are going?  
me: 1.2mi swim, 56mi bike and 13mi run...
Dr. E:  All in one day?!!  I can't understand why *anybody* would want to do that!  I mean, it'd be different if it were your job or something...  (I'm thinking, seriously?!!  People get *paid* to train for IM events?!!  I want that job when I grow up!  LOL!)

Well, you get the idea.  sigh.  He said that "Of course, you can do what you want to do,"  (Um, yeah, I guess he doesn't know me, but that's a given. : )  )  He also said that he would be "much more comfortable" with me doing this if I had already successfully done that distance.  I tried to explain how the training gradually builds me up to that point and that while I won't have actually done that complete distance in advance, I will have come pretty close, with no problems.

In addition, and understandably so, if I do continue to have events like the ones that I had this past week, he does want to implant a heart monitor.  It would automatically be triggered if my hr went above a certain point.  And so certainly I'd do that if this continues.  I am pretty sure that it won't though.

So there you have it.  I've quit using the testosterone cream (with the added benefit that I get to quit shaving my face~ *joking*!!) and Tom is good with me continuing to train/race.  Obviously, if I can't get past these tachycardia events in the next week or so I'll have to skip Branson this year.  I am optimistic that I'll be able to get past this and compete though.

ok... enough of this health stuff!

Since the unwritten rule is that every blog post must have some photos....

I was uploading pics from my iPhone and found this funny picture....  The children *love* to take pictures with my phone and I think that they catch some pretty funny ones.  I must have had a hard workout this day....

And, just 'cause corgis are utterly adorable...

And finally, I don't think that I have shown you me fancy-schmancy wetsuit yet!  It looks funny since the legs are draped over my bed (I was washing the sheets that day, in case you were wondering~ I have this thing about *always* making my bed!  But anyway...)  Isn't it *cool*?  If you have never swam in a wetsuit, they are really fun.  Imagine yourself as buoyant as a cork... well, imagine yourself as a superhero-in-lycra cork!  LOL!  I can hardly wait to "officially" use it.  The boys wondered where my cape was when I tried it on!  : O

Thanks for praying and following along here, friends!


  1. I'm so glad that you're "on to something" to help avoid the tachycardia. We will continue to pray for health and strength, and a successfully completed race!
    Your wetsuit does look super cool, although I don't need the help with buoyancy myself. :) I'm sure it will make you super-hero fast!

    1. Thanks Lisa! I *so* appreciate your prayers. Miss you!

  2. What a fun shot the kids caught of you two. Sweet. :)
    Love to you!

  3. Go, Susan! I'm rooting for you! (and praying! :)) We got to spend our 20th anniversary in Branson this summer, but we only relaxed in the hot tub!

    1. Thanks Susan! {{{{hugs}}}} You are so encouraging, my friend! What fun that you were able to spend your anniversary in Branson! When Tom and I go to Branson for my race, it will be a bit of a get away for just us~ *super* excited that I am getting to do this!


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