Saturday, March 2, 2013

In which I find Him faithful here too...

Life goes on here, and I continue to search for beauty, as confirmation of God's loving care for us, even during dark and challenging times.  And guess what?  He comes through every time!  Every time.  I thought I'd post a photo-heavy documentation of His faithfulness these past months as we have tread this rocky path.

First though, I'm so proud of myself!  I figured out how to embed a Spotify playlist of music which has ministered to my heart in the sidebar of my blog.  It is my "heart encouragement" playlist, and I thought that you might enjoy listening to it as well.  'Cause all of us need heart encouragement some days, right?  If you are reading this in an email or in a reader, you will need to go to my blog to see and listen to the playlist.  I do hope that it blesses you as it has me.  For some reason, music has a way of speaking to my soul in a very deep and profound way.  You too?

First up in photos: my "word" for 2013.  Courage (purchased here).  Because I can always use a reminder.

The children and I are all gradually adjusting to life in our new home.

I love the windows and light here!  Our new home backs up to a park/greenspace which has the most fabulous running/biking trail.  So the children and I can simply walk out of our door and run or bike!  Incredible!

A few weeks ago on an unseasonably warm day, Jake and I were able to go for a nice long ride together on that trail~ what a blast!  I *love* having adult children who are such fun to spend time with!

And get this, not only is there a running trail, but a river (a small one!) runs through this park, right behind our house!

Check out the frog that the boys found there!  He's *huge*!!  It was still pretty cold out, so he wasn't very active.  Isn't he neat?

Caleb very kindly agreed to go running early one morning with me several weeks ago (very kind of him because I run *so* much slower than he does!), and we came across evidence of one of the most ambitious beavers around!  Check out the size of the tree that he was attempting to fell!  And it wasn't going to fall towards the creek, either!  So funny!

Really, the biggest news around here, by far though, is that I am a grandmother now!  Our oldest son Nathaniel and his sweet wife Jamie blessed us with "little" Stephen Nathaniel a few weeks ago!  Is he not adorable?!

Stephen had to spend a few days in the NICU, mostly precautionary, it ended up.  He is doing just fine now.  Is that not the *cutest* baby?!!

We can hardly wait until April 1 when Nate, Jamie and Stephen come visit us!  We are all so excited to hold little Stephen!

Caleb and Joshua are involved in Civil Air Patrol and actually got to fly a few weeks ago!  They were even able to take over the controls of the plane once they were up in the air!  How cool is that?!!

And, since you know that I love sunset (and sunrise) photos, I had to include these!  I get to see the prettiest sunsets right from our house here!

We are continuing to homeschool.  I *love* the privilege of investing in my children's lives this way.

So fun when I catch them reading to each other as well.

My mother recently purchased the devotional Jesus Calling for me.  Highly recommended!  I am seriously suspicious that the author Sarah Young has been spying on me because so many of the daily devotionals seem to be specifically targeted to my current circumstances/challenges.

And of course, I had to include a cute Jasper photo!  Oh how I missed my little corgi!  I think that he missed me too because he pretty much follows me around the house and plants himself at my feet whenever I stop walking.  Last week I was cooking in the kitchen and looked down to see this!

The big, big story around here the last few weeks is snow!  Initially we received a smallish dusting of snow... so pretty!

That turned out to just be a warmup for the two huge snows that we received this past week!  The first one was 14" and the second, on top of that was 8"!!  So fun!

We now live in a subdivision, so the boys loved getting to go shovel driveways for our neighbors!  And I loved watching them work together like that!

Isn't this a sweet picture that Abbie took of herself out in the snow?  I can't believe that she is 16 already!

The most recent snow was a very, very wet and heavy snow!  Look what I awoke to see out of our front door!

I helped the boys shovel our driveway that day.  What a workout that was, moving such heavy snow!  We had so much fun, raced to see who could shovel a path to the street first, threw a few snowballs, etc.

The chairs on our deck looked like they had snow cushions on them!

Joshua, Jon and I got to go take a super-fun walk in the deep, deep snow that morning!  It was *way* over the tops of my boots!  Hard to tell in this photo, but it was almost to my knees!

It is not easy to see in this photo, but there is the most lovely stone fence right behind our house!  Here it is, quite frosted with snow.

And here it is, with just a small amount of snow.  I *love* considering the history of something like that stone fence.  Who made it and when?  The labor that went into that fence was a part of somebody's story.  It intrigues me.

I'd be lying if I didn't tell you how very, very difficult this path is to tread some days.  I am grieving and  broken in so many ways, but I will tell you this.  God is good.  He hasn't changed and He continues to meet us at every turn, faithfully providing for us, continuing to show Himself faithful.  So I will continue to look for beauty, for evidence of His loving care for us and will document His faithfulness here.

Thank you for praying for us, and for your loving emails and notes.  You are each deeply appreciated.


  1. Yes, courage. Perfect! you have much courage, friend. He is your strength. You inspire! Yes, difficult, but glorious. On the other side of fiery trials is much freedom and growth. I know. I am so loving a song right now by Chris Tomlin, No Chains On Me. It is powerful, you will be belting that one soon, friend, very soon. He is breaking chains and when He does, He also heals and restores in ways I never imagined. Rejoicing at what is ahead for you.

    Also, congratulations!!!! Grandma. Absolutely precious.

    Much love and continued prayers for you and your family. Your faith and hope in His faithfulness is just beautiful. I love you, sister!!

  2. It's been lovely to read a post from you Susan. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous pictures and inspiring words. With kind wishes, Penny

  3. Dear Susan ~ How wonderful it is to *see* you all in your new home...and, to visit with you all here today. I *love* your windows, too! And, a biking/running trail right out your door?? Too good to be true. :) Yes, the LORD is Good. HE is Faithful. HE leads, guides, directs, and gives much grace and strength. How Precious HE is! I continue to pray for you all. May HE bless you continually.

    With love,

    Nahum 1:3b and 1:7

  4. Hi Susan~
    It is with joy I see you here today and I must admit that I had to re-read this as....
    I am confessing that I am so in a hurry all the time that I looked at the last post in January and must of hurried as I did not see the changes that were going on..I am so sorry and forgive me will you?
    I really did not know anything was different and recently checked here as my blog line up looked like you were not posting and I had prayed that your health was ok! (sorry) I should look and read better...lesson from the LORD to be more attentive!
    I am so glad to see that your health is ok, the children are busy and settling and loving the snow! Your home looks cozy & homey as I think of you & I am thinking you are a testimony! Please know that I will infact be praying for you & your family! I also congratulate you on that sweet lil-grand baby how precious! I am happy that he is fine now.
    I don't begin to know all that has happened...please know others care AND WILL BE PRAYING AND YES, GOD is there AND WE NEED TO KEEP OUR "eyes" fixed!
    hUGS TO YOU~ Lori <3

  5. Oh I LOVE the photos and to see God's constant care and provision. The light coming in your windows is especially lovely! And that is the CUTEST newborn I think I've ever seen!! Such a pretty baby!! How we love you guys and thank God for you and keep you in prayer. HUGS, Shari

  6. Thank you for your update Susan. I'm sorry I didn't comment last month. I was shocked and saddened at the huge change in your life and am very sorry for not letting you know that I am praying for you. I appreciate you and your faithfulness in taking care of your family and trusting God.
    We'll be up your way next month.
    Praying for you.

  7. Thrilled to see this post and the update on you all. Your new home is lovely, congratulations on your little Stephen! Our prayers are with you daily and may you continue to feel the Lord beside you.

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  9. Have been visiting your blog so long I don't remember for sure how I found it :) but I return again and again because it it such an inspiring and beautiful place to visit. Thank you for all you have shared here. I've been encouraged in my walk with the Lord and my calling as wife and mother to six. I may not know you personally but my heart ached for you when I read your January post... am lifting you and your family up before the Lord. Keep clinging to the River of Life!

    ps Am loving your music playlist..thanks for the heart encouragement! :)

  10. Sorry for the delete by afsmiths....that was me not realizing what I was doing :/ I don't have a blog. :)

  11. I can't remember how I found your blog either - about a year ago or more? And I have checked it occasionally and each time think I'd like to check it more. I was so sorry to read your January post; you have come to my mind now and I am praying for you. Psalm 138:7 ~ "Though I walk through the midst of trouble, thou wilt revive me...." LK in Miss.

  12. Just want you to know that I continue every now and then to see if you have posted and I am praying for you. LK in Miss.

  13. Missing you are all well. XO

  14. You have been on my mind lately, I hope everything is going well and you and the children are moving on with your new life.
    Please update when you feel ready.
    By Grace Alone,

  15. Stopping over to see how you are and let you know...
    I am thinking about you & yours and praying for you all.


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