Saturday, August 31, 2013

Things I learned in August

Inspired by Emily I am going to take inventory at the end of each month and talk about "Things I have Learned" during the past month.  Only very rarely will this list include anything very educational or earth-shattering, mostly it will just be random bits of quirky things.

Ready?  Here we go!

  1. I miss the children during the day now that they are in school, but I'll admit that the (occasional, with college students in and out) quiet is pretty nice.  And I'm trying not to feel guilty about that.
  2. Painting my toenails is fun in an artsy-rebellious sort of way.  Rockin' me some blue nails right now.  Teal green, sparkly pink, all pretty awesome!
  3. I am always officially ready for autumn a good 6 weeks before it actually arrives here.  Today's forecast? 98 degrees with 537% humidity (and no, that was not a typo).  Totally lovin' this little yellow renegade leaf that I found on my run the other day.   You go, dude!                                                                                                                     
  4. My office chair recently began to seriously drive me nuts, squeaking, sitting somewhat lopsided and just being generally worn out.  In a spur-of-the moment decision, I started using my stability ball.  My abs were actually sore for the first few days and yes, all of the boys want to work at my computer now.  And being able to bounce along to whatever tunes I'm currently playing?  Well, that's just priceless!  You do need to be careful when re-sitting down after getting up briefly.  This "chair" does move.  Just sayin'.
  5. Yes, I know, I'm probably one of the last 7 people on the face of the earth to have just seen this video of a cover for Pitch Perfect's Cup song.  The children and I had so much fun doing this in the week before school started.  We laughed *so* hard!  And just for the record, I think I am going to pursue a new career as a cup-tapper-and-flipper person.  It's a calling.
  6. Sharing the load is good.
  7. God always comes through.  always.
  8. FaceTime makes being a long-distance Nana sorta' ok.

  9. Corgis are the most adorable.  (Other than grandsons, that is!)  The end.

  10. Running with cows is the *best*!!.  And yes, I refrain from "moooing" when I pass these guys.  Usually.

  11. Culver's concretes are my favorite.  Tall chocolate with cookie dough and MandM's please.  And yes, that would require approximately 13.8 hours of working out to "pay" for that.  It's ok.  Totally worth it.
  12. Now that autumn is on the horizon, at least theoretically, I've begun to think about some autumn-ish projects and cooking. I'm thinking some crock-pot meals and soups, a certain adorable bunny that I'd love to make, maybe a doll or two, some burlap pumpkins that need sewing and perhaps a quilt to start.  Then there's the friendship bracelets that I want to experiment with and I'd really like to crochet or knit some new kitchen washcloths.  
  13. I'm a total Spotify addict.  So fun to be able to create endless playlists and change them up when the mood strikes, plus I can listen to music that is recommended to me... all without having to purchase the music!  What's not to love?  I have two playlists that I use when I'm running. The "Workout" playlist is just fun, upbeat music, but even for running or cycling I almost always gravitate toward my "Heart Encouragement" playlist.  Praying and listening to praise and worship music while I run is a highlight of my day so, so necessary for my soul.  I've recently added some new music to my running playlist.  A few Imagine Dragons tracks.   "Wake me up" by Avicli.  Phillip Phillips' "Gone, Gone, Gone"  (and of course his song "Home" is awesome). I'm almost always up for some Mat Kearney. "Runaway" and "Learning to Love Again" are on my running playlist now as well.    And for my "Heart Encouragement" Spotify list?  Just added several tracks from Keith and Kristyn Getty's album: "Hymns for the Christian Life."  So many good songs there.  I am especially loving "The Perfect Wisdom of our God" right now.  Just this: 
    "Each strand of sorrow has a place
    within this tapestry of grace
    so through the trials I choose to say
    Your perfect will in Your perfect way."
    Also, the Getty's version of "In Christ Alone" is really, really good.  
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Have a wonderful weekend, friends!


  1. I am listening to the Getty's right now. I couldn't sleep and thought they might help. Great words. I am going to have to try spotify.

    1. Sorry that you were awake last night, TJ. For me, everything can seem so overwhelming at night if I can't sleep. I too love to listen to good encouraging music like the Gettys at times like that. Glad you enjoyed the lyrics. {{{{hug}}}}

  2. Don't think I have commented, but have been encouraged when I read back through your older posts. I have to look into spotify. I have seen others use it. I currently use *Pandora*, so will see what the difference is.
    I really like your music choices. Seems like we have similar interests in that area.
    I homeschooled our kids too, and look back on many happy memories.
    Your posts are an inspiration to me. But I don't think you will find me doing a half triathelon...just cheering you on from the sidelines. ;)

    1. Hi there Marci! Nice to "meet" you here! I think you'll really like Spotify. I'd be curious to know what you think once you have tried both. Have an awesome week!


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