Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hello Tuesday!

Hello Timmy + teddy + book= adorable cuteness
Hello blue skies!
 Hello to little boys who grow up too fast!
 Hello Henny Penny!
Hello to big dogs who still want to play....
 Hello curly-tailed ducks...
Hello to my new "boot" which looks so much better to me than a cast!  No running for a few weeks, but I'll be able to swim~ yay!
 Hello growing boys and growing puppies too!
 Hello sunlight streaming across favorite quilts....
"The Lord will accomplish what concerns me;
Your lovingkindness, O Lord, is everlasting;"
Ps. 138:8

Still rejoicing in the everyday here,


  1. Oh how sweet!! It is a book. A beautiful children's picture book of life in your warm and lovely home. I love it and want an autographed copy please! You are a rich mommy.

  2. Precious post Susan! Hang in there my friend. I have been praying for you.

    In His Love,

  3. What a beautiful post and the scripture you posted with it, is my verse for 2011! :o)
    Thank you for sharing about your photo book pages. I hopped over to Amazon and put them on my wish list. :o) I have many photos that need to be ordered and stored. :o) These will be perfect!!
    I hope you are having a lovely week.
    Sincerely, Trish

  4. ~Awwww thanks Pam! I'll be sure that you get one of the first board books off the press! LOL!

    ~Thanks Camille~ I really, really appreciate that.

    ~Trish, how cool is that, that I used "your" verse? Wow! Hope you have a fabulous day!

  5. I have been praying for you! I love to catch a glimpse into your home. I think your boot is MUCH better than a cast, but I'm sorry about the running interruption! :) Hope it is not too painful!

    Your boys and dogs are getting big!

    I'm glad you are seeing the blessings. Thanks for sharing them with us.

    In Him,

  6. ~Susan- Thanks, my friend! I appreciate you taking the time to encourage with your sweet comments!

  7. I love these pictures of your family and fun. That is so cute about your wanting an iphone, and including the bag in the album, so cool to add that part of your life. Your dog photos were especially cute this week and love the homemade darts, how fun your kids always have. Thank you for sharing with us. I'm sending prayers for you to heal and feel better soon.

  8. Thanks Dawn! You are always so sweet to take time to comment here~ and I do really appreciate your prayers as well! Thanks so much!


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