Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Quick, Random Update...

Hey there, Friends!

So many fun things going on here lately!

I decided to change the sitting area in our kitchen, retrieving a beautiful table that my grandmother gave me and I had kept stored in my parents' basement.  I *love* the way it looks now!  The wingback chairs were in our front room and seemed to work better with this table than the shorter chairs that were out here.  At some point this spring I'd really like to make cute slipcovers for the blue wingback chairs, but it is such a comfy place to sit that I don't really mind the color for now.

What do you think?

Bad blogger that I am, I totally forgot to take a "before" photo.  So typical of me...  : )

Here are Dan and I, working on reading and totally enjoying our "new" sitting area!

I thought this picture of our Corgi Jasper was adorable!  He *so* wanted to be out playing with the boys in our one and only snow of the winter, but he kept grabbing their gloves when they would sled past him, so they banished him to the house~ poor boy!

Ever since I decided to be brave and attend a Master's Swim class last June, I have been trying to tackle new things.  I think that I have mentioned here before how super-nervous I was before that class.  For a whole week prior I was so sick that I could barely eat!  Seriously!  All I could imagine was a class full of fabulous "real" athletes... and then there was me~ the "poser" who could barely make it to the other end of the pool!  LOL!  To my great relief, everyone was super-nice and encouraging and I did learn how to swim.  While I'll never be a superstar swimmer, I can now easily swim the 2.4 miles that would be required to compete in an Ironman event.  That still totally floors me!  2.4 miles!

So now, when I want to learn something new I am much more willing to tackle the learning curve, figuring that "if I can learn to swim at 48, surely I can learn to __________!"

So, my latest endeavor is drawing/sketching and watercolor!  Here's a peek at some recent pages in the journal that I keep open on my desk near my computer.  In the past I decorated it exclusively with photos and pictures from magazines, and quotes,  to-do lists, etc.  Here are some more recent pages with some added sketches....

I was so excited to find Junelle's blog~ *loads* of beautiful inspiration there for sketching and watercolor!  The little drawing on the top left of the girl holding the flowers was inspired by a drawing that she did.  So excited to get to participate in a class that Junelle is teaching this March!  So excited!

And my newest, unfinished, current page... just waiting for more "stuff" to be added here~ I like to see how each page evolves!

Here are a few of my first watercolor attempts.. (promise you won't laugh, ok?)

And my first person... I was seriously scared to try this... I'm holding the original photo on the left so you can see it....

The boys have also gotten in on the watercoloring fun....

And last, but not least, my biggest, scariest news?  You really, really won't believe what little ol' afraid-of-heights me is going to do this coming Monday afternoon.....

I'm going skydiving!!!!  Can you believe it?!!  Actually I'm super, super excited to get to do this~ a gift from my parents, whom I'll be visiting in Arizona for six days along with our older boys Jacob and Gabe.  Earlier in the day we will all get to try out the wind tunnel there and "practice" skydiving~ what a blast!

So, I might not have opportunity to update here with my skydiving report until later next week, but I'll be back, hopefully with an exciting, but somewhat uneventful report!  LOL!

Here's to facing fears and having a blast in the process....


  1. You are crazy!!! :) I write that with a big smile on my face. Wow!!! I am super impressed! With your sky diving and water coloring! And your new arrangement is fabulous! Love it!!!

  2. I am so happy to sit and read about your adventures while I am here barely eeking out running one quarter of a mile. But I'm not comparing. I'm where I am and happy. Totally thrilled to NOT be sky diving, that's for sure. I will be anxiously awaiting your return :-)

    Love your water coloring. Beautiful. The girl came out adorable. You are good, keep at it.

    Love the little table. Perfect for reading or sipping tea --- with me :-)

    have a super time flying high~ Cinnamon

  3. First of all, Susan, the table and sitting area is lovely. You will enjoy it. Second, you have a natural art talent! You do! Your work is very good and I particularly love the girl. I have been enjoying filling my art journals lately too. I am an artist, but a shy one. I probably won't be sharing much on my blog but I try to draw or paint a few times a week. Now, skydiving?? I would never want to do that!! You are a very brave woman indeed!

  4. Me TOO! I am agreeing with Cinnamon! LOL It is fun and makes me happy to visit here I just love it. Thank you so much for sharing you with us.
    Blessings, Christie

  5. Wow, Susan. You're game for almost anything! Sky diving would be so fun. Not sure I'd be able to summon the courage for it, though. Your kids must think you are the coolest mom around!! The sitting area looks very inviting - a place to visit and enjoy a favourite beverage. I just got out a few books from the library on sketching. It's been fun to try, and it feels good to stretch myself and try something new. Your work looks very good. Keep at it! Enjoy your trip and visit with your parents!

  6. FUN post my friend! Skydiving???!!!! I now *know* that you are crazy! LOL! ;-) Have a wonderful, wonderful time! Looking forward to the update on that one.

    Love to you!

  7. I awarded you the versatile blogger award, you can visit my blog to pick it up :)

    1. Thanks Rashel! I appreciate you thinking of me... I'm afraid that I simply don't have time for that right now though. I do appreciate your "award" though!

  8. Your posts are always inspiring. God has blessed you with a beautiful family and a beautiful home and a sweet spirit. It's encouraging to read about your new adventures.

  9. Inspiring! Do you know who is the author of the quote about life?

    1. I'm sorry, I don't know who it was. : ( If anyone knows and could fill me in, I"d appreciate it!

  10. Okay, water colors and sky diving???! You have surpassed all super heroes in my mind! WOW!! Can't wait to read how it goes! Gives me the shivers just thinking about it! :)


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