Friday, August 27, 2010

Still here...

We officially started school last week and I'm getting settled with my new iMac.  I can waste more time getting things organized.  Are you like that?  For some reason I almost always feel like I need to have everything in order before I can be creative.  That's good, up to a point, but sometimes I think it keeps me from accomplishing things.

I'm also learning how to use Homeschool Tracker.  Thus far, I am super-impressed with this program.  FYI, there is a free trial version available as well, which might just do everything you need it to do... lesson plans, log hours, etc.  Go over and check it out!

And, how cool is this?  Just found out that you can get a free book from Picaboo (a free 20 page hardcover photo book~ $39.99 value), for all new customers.  Use the code FREEBK through August 31, 2010.  I know it is close to the end of August, but you have the weekend to make a super-cool photo book~ of summer memories etc.  nice.

There.  Now I've filled your weekend for you!

I'm still mostly sitting and "crutching" around here, but my arms are getting really strong, and the boys like to pretend my crutches are rifles, so we're good here.  : )

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  1. There you are my crutch walking friend :-) I've missed your beautiful photos and updates~

    My husband is exactly like that...waiting to get everything together before starting. Me? I just jump right in :-)

    Glad to hear your still in the land of the living :-)



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